What's Your Point?

What's Your Point?


What's Your Point? is the hilarious game of improvised talks, presentations and speeches! Each round is a competition to see who is best at thinking on their feet, making it up as they go and rolling with the punches. Every round is the same but unique...

  • The Judge draws a Style card. Every Style card lists a different type of talk, speech or presentation. Whatever is on this card is what you will be doing during your turn.

  • Each player then gets a Suggestion card. The word or phrase on your card that is the same color as the round’s Style card tells you what you will talk about during your turn.

  • Players also get 3 Slide cards - which they can't look at!

  • The players each take a turn delivering their version of the Round's speech or presentation on their suggested topic. They can't prepare in advance and their only tools are their own knowledge, imagination and the three Slide cards.

  • They can use the three blind Slide cards whenever they like, but it's up to them to justify how the image relates to whatever it is they are talking about.

  • The Judge awards the round's Style card to whoever they think gave the best speech. At the end of the game, the player with the most Style cards wins!

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A great addition to any game library, the perfect gift for those who enjoy shooting from the hip and packed with enough random topics, speaking styles and visual aids to guarantee a near endless stream of insane product pitches, hilarious TED talks, silly sermons, weird wedding toasts and more, What's Your Point? is the party game you're really not prepared for!