Our mission is to help you be yourself and be heard. Speechless delivers interactive, customized, and innovate training that will change the way your team collaborates, communicates, and creates. Since 2013 we’ve changed the lives of over 60,000 participants on six continents*. We are excited to work with you to develop the programming that will not only make you a hit among your colleagues, but will have the greatest impact on your employees. 


  • Speechless is leading the way in creating impactful curriculum that combines the science of improv thinking, power of performance techniques, and best practices of teaching & learning to tailor packages for your specific learning goals... and we have a great time in the process!  

  • We are dedicated to creating an environment of joyful and individualized learning through interactive & immediately applicable best practices. Our team combines decades of collective experience from the disciplines of stand up comedy, freestyle rapping, documentary filmmaking, game development, storytelling, and comedy improvisation. 


Speechless’ expert coaches help you find and amplify your authentic voice to create an engaging, inspiring, and highly personalized presentation. Over the course of one or more of our highly effective sessions, a Speechless coach will help you meet your goals and get you ready for your best performance yet.


  • These sessions help drive results like longer video retention, increased speaking opportunities, and more confidence when presenting to an audience of one or one thousand.

  • Have a specific talk or event coming up? We coach speakers for major events like Google I/O, Adobe Max, the Grace Hopper Celebration, and TED. Get one on one time for each of your team members as you reach your target date.

  • Want to generally improve upon your presentation skills? We can provide one on one time on a specific day each week / month throughout the calendar year to help your team and individuals hone their communication skills. 


Bring our interactive and energizing talks to inspire your team, or combine with a group training and/or solo sessions - we’ll back it all up with science and joy. Currently co-authoring a study with Dr. Charles Limb, Chief of Otology at UCSF, Speechless brings its collective years of expertise to your audience.


  • Our humorous (un)keynote talks jumpstart conferences by filling convention rooms with laughter

  • We connect attendees to one another by activating the empathetic power of improv thinking

  • We are skilled performers who stir up expectations to educate and entertain

  • We develop talks that promote your conference and community goals

  • We bring our full selves to our presentations so that fellow speakers feel permission to do the same


point system

After six years of highly effective learning experiences for the top Silicon Valley companies we have taken thousands of data points from our survey results and crafted the Speechless POINT System®. Our five areas of emphasis are: 

  • Presence (Body, Voice, Mind, Heart, Confidence)

  • Originality (Improvisation, Authenticity, Passion, Innovation, Process)

  • Inclusion (Respect, Listen, Trust, Connect, Empower)

  • Narrative (Structure, Genre, Theme, Goal, Metaphor)

  • Transformation (Inspire, Discover, Share, Grow, Lead)

Begin with a general workshop that covers each emphasis area of POINT and focus on the group's public speaking challenges or do an entire workshop on just one. Bring us in quarterly to dive deeper on each area of emphasis. We also offer follow up services for individuals as they gear up for conferences, videos, pitches and more in our Speechless Sprints.